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DR. T.N. JANAKIRAM,  the Managing Director of Royal Pearl Hospital has done his graduation & post graduation from Madras Medical College.

He was the best outgoing student in both MS & DLO and was awarded the Cherian Gold Medal for his Excellent ENT work, by the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu.

He has also been awarded the young INDIAN SCIENTIST 2008, by the Chief Justice of TN State.

He has been pioneering various ENT Surgeries in this part of India for the past 11 years. He has vast experience of doing more than 2000 mastoid surgeries, 1000 endoscopic sinus surgeries, around 600 stapedectomies, Tonsillectomy, Laser surgeries, Micro-laryngeal surgeries, and surgery for OSAS.

He has trained more than 30 resident ENT surgeons, by offering them a one year fellowship course.

He has also released an E-Book / Video book in Rhinology which is very popular among post graduates in medical colleges around the world.

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  1. Hello Sir,
    I have just completed my M.S.ENT fro ahmedabad. I would like to join as a fellow there. Please tell the procedure for the same.
    Thanking you.
    Dr.Hiren Doshi.

  2. Dear sir,
    I’m doing DLO in Bangalore…I would like to know about the prospects,job opportunities and fellowships if any that I could do after DLO. And also please let me know if an MS degree is very necessary for any fellowships.
    Sir, I would also want to know if the fellowship your institute is offering is recognised by the MCI.

  3. Hi,
    We Offer a 1 year fellowship program. We pay you a stipend of Rs.8000. Further details please mail to honeypriya193@yahoo.com.

    Also please visit http://www.youtube.com/Drjanakiram123.

    Thank you.

    Royal Pearl Hospital Team.

  4. Hi,
    You have a beautiful website…
    Regards from Argentina.
    Dr. Moina

  5. Very informative website. Thanks for putting up videos of the operations. They were very useful in understanding the intricacies of the procedures.


  6. SIR,
    my age is 32. male.
    8 yrs back. i had operation in my nose for extra bone growth. at that time i continously had an cold and cough. after surgery there is no problem for me. but the last 1Year i have an throat problem (mild problem in my throat) in regular intervals. i met another ENT doctor and explain the things. he told me there is an hole in your nose appeared because of
    that operation. what to do now sir?

    what is your opinion

  7. Hi Doctor

    At the outset my greetings to you. Well, I would like to know about tonsil stones. I am 30 year old i am suffering from this some time, As I looking into my thorat, almost 80% of stones are came out automatically. Still i have some more white patches(stones) left. Should i need to go any medication. Since, i have not observed any side-effect like fever, vomitting etc., Is there any risk associated with it, if i leave it just like this? only disturbance which i felt presence of foreign body in the thorat.

    your quick answer will much appriciated and

    Thanks in advance.


  8. I want to consult my problem in my upper mouth swelling. This is usally occurs when i’m dringking liquor, eating chocolates, salty foods and most especially when i eat sour foods it triggers the most. I feel my mounth is dry even if i drink water, i also feel pain in my upper mouth most especially when i get up from sleep. What do you think is the problem? I’ll be waiting for your reply. Please send also your reply on my yahoo acct. if possible. Here is my email add. Larryd_0917@rocketmail.com
    thank you verry much

  9. sir iam very much impressed ur surgery in raipur.i am ur big fan. realy u only enjoying ur life by best possible way.

  10. Dear Dr J, I just wanted to thank you for filming you surgerys, I live in denver colo u.s.a. and I find your videos fascinating please keep up the good work! The people of India are lucky to have you!

  11. Dear Dr, I would like to visit your office for treatment. Sent an email earlier and tried to call a few times but couldn’t get across to you. I will appreciate an email response. Thanks for your time…..

  12. Hi,

    I am P Anand of age 23 suffring from hearing loss since 15years i got operated in the year 2001 operation name called stapedotomy, in my left year i am having a gradual loss again upto 2010, now both my years having same hearing loss, can u tell me whats the problem, is it sliped piston problem r size of a piston porblem, is there any solution for me to get my hearing back to normal.

    Thanking You,

  13. Sir, I viewed your videos on youtube. I am very interested in your work. I am a young student and I am trying to create an “education timeline”. What degrees/concentrations do you hold? I would like to eventually follow in your line of work.

  14. sir is there any vacancies for ENT doctors(DLO) apart from fellowship in your hospital?

  15. sir,
    iam regularly watching your videos its great . i would like to get videos as shown in video book. please inform me about the details regarding it

  16. sir,
    helo, i would like to thanx u for sending me information regarding workshop. unfortunate i didn’t attend workshop. but we heard by dr suneel ramnani that it was very informative and open many dimention to make ent surgery easy. we wish to see main faeture of international conference video presentatation in ur site.

  17. hello this is dr.farouk akkash otolaryngologist syrian nationality am looking forward joining surgical training basis either felloship or paid training from my side am looking forward replying my requist if i have an opportunity to practise surgery especially rhinlogy
    thank you

  18. hi,
    This is dr janakiram. we are offering a one year fellowship for 5 post dlo/ms candidates this year.. people interested may apply to honeypriya193@yahoo.com
    we pay a stipend of Rs 20000 to 1 lakh depending on your experience..

    dr janakiram

  19. Hi Dr. I am keen to know if there is any research going on in India for turbinate repair using tissue regeneration techniques like stem cell technology. I would like to know your opinion on it, and by when to you think these techniques will be more widely used and accepted, and by when do you think they will start being practised in India.

    I had undergone a nasal operation where on one side a little extra resection(of inferior turbinate) was done, which led to major discomfort along the lateral nasal wall whenever the nose would dilate while talking etc. Also initially there was a pervading feeling of being short of breath on that side of the nose, which miraculously reduced over a period of time. Recently I had another operation, to reduce the part of the nasal bridge(cartilage) which joins the turbinate(lower nasal wall) and the septum, as due to the 1st operation my nose would open up a lot more along the nasal wall, which would cause a slight pull along the bone joining the septum. This was just for some cosmetic comfort, which i underwent, inspite of the doctor advising me against going for it. But the bigger discomfort which was on account of the resection done in the 1st operation still remains and the best bet I feel for me and a lot many other people who have similar problems will be tissue regeneration. Would like to hear more from you on this.

  20. dear sir,
    i am watching your videos regularly on youtube. they are fentastic. i have one patient 14 years old female having recurrent lt supraclavicular abscess( 5 times in last 7 years.) after doing ct scan it is diagnosed as a 4th branchial arch remanant. there is no opening in neck. what is your experience regarding this kind of pathology? kindly reply as early as possible.
    with best regards,
    dr. rachana parikh, M.S.(ENT) DLO, ahmedabad.

  21. Dear Dr Janakiram

    I am Iraqi junior otolaryngologist currently practicing in the UK,
    I have Diploma in Otolaryngology and Head & Neck surgery DOHNS.
    I am very interested in getting 1 year fellowship to get further training in ENT,
    I am happy to pay for my training program.

    Dr M Shahab

  22. Wanted Senior Residents to work at Royal Pearl ENT Research Institute, Trichy.

    Duration: 1 Year

    Salary: Rs. 50,000/Month

    Hands on training will be given.

    Further details please mail to info@rph-rhinology.com

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